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About me

I trained to teach Pilates with the Body Control Pilates Academy in London during 2005 – 06. This process involves tuition, course work,    anatomy and theory examination, teaching and studio practice under the guidance of senior teachers and a final sign-off practical exam.

I am currently training with Body Control Pilates to teach on the Reformer.

I discovered the benefits of Pilates through the demands of training for triathlons (including Half Ironman UK) but also through the rigours of my other professional life as a double bass player for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

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Why choose an experienced teacher?

A good Pilates teacher is a movement teacher: the Pilates Method looks to restore optimal movement patterns and postures of the body, leading to less muscle tension, joint strain and discomfort.

As a result of my thorough (and on-going) training and with 6 years of teaching experience I am quickly able to spot movement problems in my clients. Even within the group class environment (up to 12 participants) it is possible give individual attention to make important corrections.

Here's a common example of muscle 'dysfunction':

A client complains of tight hamstrings (for example, they can't touch their toes); no amount of stretching seems to help. No sooner have they placed themselves down on the mat than the back of their thighs go in to a painful spasm.
Hamstrings can become chronically tight through over-working – sometimes because other muscle groups aren't doing their share or because the hamstrings dominate and 'grip' or through postural imbalance ('sway back' posture). We can use Pilates exercises to correct these imbalances, for example, consciously 'instructing' the gluteal muscles to do their bit to support the hamstrings. Over time, better movement patterns are restored and the hamstrings can release towards optimal length.

Furthermore, my Pilates teaching experience helps me:

Add value to the session with muscle release self-treatment techniques.

About my clients

The age range has been from 15 to 80; I see over 100 clients per week with professional backgrounds that include:

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