Current Class Levels and Availability

The following notes are a general guide only and subject to change. If you are a beginner to Pilates, I would strongly recommend having a couple of private session before joining a group class (where the maximum size is 12 clients)

Monday 5.45pm - Towards Intermediate. Class members have in general a number of years of Pilates experience. Currently full. Not available for complete beginners

Monday 7pm - Improvers. A mixed class of experienced and new-comers. Available to beginners. Full at present.

Monday 8.15pm - Towards Intermediate. Most of the class have a number of years Pilates experience. Not available to beginners. Limited availability.

Tuesday 6pm - Improvers. A mixed class with some new-comers. Full at present. Available for beginners

Tuesday 7.15pm - Towards intermediate. An experienced and generally sound class. Full at Present.

Wednesday 4pm - Beginners / Improvers. A slower-paced class for new-comers to Pilates.
SPACE AVAILABLE to new-comers / beginners.

Wednesday 5.15pm - Beginners. A class with special considerations e.g. non-kneelers, hip replacements, lower back pain etc. Slower paced. Some exercises contra-indicated. Some availability.

Thursday 9.30am - BACK CARE 8 max - Gentle, generally therapeutic exercise to help spinal and other movement problems. Many exercises contra-indicated due to osteoporosis and spinal mobility. Full at present.

Thursday 10.45am - Beginners / Improvers. A gentler, slower-paced class with lots of therapeutic exercises. Some availability.

Thursday 4pm - a NEW CLASS. Plenty of space. Open to beginners.

Thursday 6pm - Improvers. A mixed class with many new starters. Some availability - open to beginners.

Thursday 7.15pm - Towards Intermediate. A very experienced class leading to greater flow of exercises. Full at Present. Not available to beginners.

Friday 2.30 - 6pm - Private tuition at Shaftesbury Chiropractic (phone 01747 851455 to book a session)

I also teach privately at home (near Shaftesbury) where I have a Pilates Reformer or I can visit by appointment. Please contact me for more information.


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