body control pilates certified teacher



'My weekly dose of pilates keeps me sane.'

Mrs S


'Feel fantastic today after last nights class. Even though I was struggling with a couple of the exercises felt good after and today brilliant. Thank you, inadequate I know but I am really appreciative of your caring expertise.'



'I thoroughly enjoy, and have really benefited from, my weekly body awareness Pilates class and cannot recommend Mark's sessions highly enough.  Very professionally run, but fun too.'


Finally, just to say how much I really look forward to and enjoy your classes. I'm always shattered afterwards, but I enjoy the physical and mental challenge they provide, as well as the toning feeling. I also happen to believe it's important for teachers to put themselves in the position of learners as it helps so much with understanding the learning process, as well as the effect on the learner of both negative and positive criticism and praise ( not that you do much of the former !)

Thanks again for all your efforts, patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Mrs. C


'It's now just over a year since I started your Pilates classes and not only is it having a clear beneficial effect on my well-being and fitness, it's also helping my shoulders and neck recover from years of abuse carrying bags and laptops on business travel and commuting.  On top of all that it's good fun and instructive.'


'This is the only exercise regime I have ever managed to stick to (4 years and counting) because even when its dark and cold and I consider skipping a session, I know that I will regret it. I always come home feeling more relaxed and released.'


'Learning Pilates with you is great fun and we appreciate the professionalism that you present in each class.'


' My GP recommended I take up pilates a couple of years ago as an alternative to being referred to a back clinic. She was entirely right with her advice! Mark is a first rate teacher and extremely knowledgeable. I've tried various types of exercise over the years, including yoga and Alexander technique and I can honestly say that Pilates is the only one I've stuck with. And it clearly works - my flexibility and fitness in my early 50s is better than my 20-something daughter's. I only wish I'd taken it up years ago!'


' Having come to classes almost from when you started, first at Clayesmore, & now at Holtwood, I can't overestimate the benefits I've felt. From having almost "seized up" after a prolapsed disc years ago, I've got my mobility & my life back & can now enjoy all the things I used to do, such as horse riding, gardening & walking. The hamstrings are still a work in progress, but I AM trying, honest! The classes are fun, too, despite the hard work you make us do!'

Mrs B.


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