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Mark Thistlewood Pilates

(Established 2006)

Intelligent Exercise for All-Round Health and Fitness

Offering matwork Pilates in North Dorset

Current matwork class venues

New village hall for Tarrant Hinton!

Congratulations to Tarrant Hinton on the opening of their brand new hall - I have transferred my morning classes to this venue where we will be able to enjoy this warm, clean, modern space! All my Thursday Pilates teaching will now be here.

As our life-expectancy increases, we need to look after our bodies and remain as mobile and capable of going about our day-to-day lives as possible: Pilates is the perfect exercise regime for this!

I offer Pilates Matwork exercise either in classes of 12 maximum, smaller private groups or individual attention.

Rather than 'gentle' as Pilates is often described, I prefer to say it offers a vast repertoire of controlled movements, some of which are very subtle – all of which challenge mind and body either in terms of physical demand or movement skill. Pilates is a movement exercise method that is learnt rather than 'done'. It is low-impact (kinder to our joints) and non-aerobic. Movements are performed slowly so that we can improve accuracy and control, leading to a 'quiet strength' rather than muscle-bound, and to great improvements in flexibility and spinal comfort. In a typical group class I aim to take the body's joints through a myriad of movement planes.

I pay particular attention to:

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