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Chaps On Chaps Off

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Here's a bit about my Pilates for your riders:

During my 15 years teaching Pilates and being involved in the equestrian scene in Dorset I have so often noticed that riders work so hard to get their horses fit and moving well but pay little heed to their own fitness and movement health.

Your horse is fit for purpose - are you?!

So, I have developed a series of Pilates exercises that will train the sporting rider's body, week by week, day by day to move better, become stronger and more supple so that they are better able to enjoy their sport for as long as they chose - rather than having to stop due to 'breaking down'.

My approach is massively practical - the routine is time efficient, challenging and FUN! I will teach you to think of an everyday equestrian item as an opportunity to improve your own fitness:

"Chaps On, Chaps Off" © is a routine of 35 exercises that use a small bale (shavings or straw) as your base to perform them. My aim is not only to take you through the routine, working on good, safe technique but also to change your mindset that you can exercise effectively during your tea break! The routine is designed for the outdoors and can be performed in riding clothes so there are no barriers or time constraints to being able to exercise.

"Chaps On, Chaps Off" © is a flowing routine of exercise which I teach in a way that no previous Pilates experience is necessary. I take about an hour at first to run it - making sure everyone is safe, stopping to pick up on points of technique, clarifying aims of the exercises, giving anatomical insight and highlighting where I see restrictions or one-sidedness in movement that need attention. As the routine becomes more familiar and trained into the body it can flow through in about 35 minutes.

I can offer my rider-specific Pilates teaching both as a yard visit and via Zoom online video conferencing so you can exercise from the convenience of your own home or yard.

Please get in touch for more information and pricing.

An important note about suitability:

I have taught "Chaps On, Chaps Off" © to riders of all ages up to around 70. It is challenging BUT always with the option to sit out an exercise or modify it. It is not suitable, however for anyone with acute injury or pain. In short, the routine is for the 'basically sound' rider. Please contact me for more information.

Finally, have a look at the attached photos to get an idea of what "Chaps On, Chaps Off" © involves - the fetching purple water shoes give you an idea of what to wear on your feet.

I hope to see you on a bale very soon!

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