North Dorset Pilates

Insurance for BCPA Members

Terms and Conditions

  1. The policy covers “Body Control Pilates-related activities”, which can be summarised as follows:

    Activities covered in a Body Control Pilates certification/qualification.
    In addition to specific areas of certification that you hold (such as matwork, Reformer), this also covers any small equipment or accessories included in particular Body Control Pilates courses or workshops that you have attended - whether matwork at all levels, Core Stability, other equipment - e.g. wobble boards, foam rollers, spiky balls, physio balls, sitfits/stability cushions, rotator discs etc.

    Activities covered in a Body Control Pilates-‘approved’ workshop or course.
    This covers matwork exercises and small equipment other than that which has been introduced within your particular Body Control Pilates course(s), and which is taught as a Body Control Pilates-‘approved’ workshop, e.g. at a Development Weekend or at a workshop run by the PILATESfoundation UK. The activity must be Pilates-specific. An example would be: Toning Circle exercises taught by Mitsi Pippa at Development Weekends or in repeated workshops. Where ‘non-Pilates’ workshops at Development Weekends cover techniques that have their own certification programme (such as Franklin or BOSU), we cannot cover you.
  2. Teachers must be working on a self-employed basis and not operating as limited company. Even if you are the only employee of your limited company, the law requires that you have different insurance cover to reflect the legal status of your company. Self-employed teachers using a trading name are covered provided that they are earning a maximum turnover of £25,000 derived from Body Control Pilates-recognised activities. Teachers who operate a studio outside of their home require separate insurance and are not covered by this policy.
  3. The policy applies to teachers who are resident in the United Kingdom only. It will provide cover if, for example, you are abroad in Spain for the summer and decide to teach Pilates while you are there. Please note that cover is not extended to any teaching done in the United States or Canada.
  4. Personal Accident Insurance Cover details are as follows:
    • Cover for accidents to yourself (not the client) sustained whilst teaching Body Control Pilates or whilst travelling to/from the workplace where you teach Body Control Pilates
    • Death £5,000
    • Permanent Total Disablement from gainful employment of any and every kind £50,000
    • Loss of limb(s) £50,000
    • Loss of sight of eye(s) £50,000
    • Loss of Speech or Hearing in both Ears £50,000
    • Emergency Dental Treatment £500 [£50 excess]
      (all the above for persons up to the age of 75 years of age)
    • Temporary Total Disablement £100 per week
      (payable for 13 weeks, subject to a 14-day deferment period and a maximum of 75% of gross weekly wage from all sources for persons aged up to 65 years of age)
  5. Please note that you are insured on a ‘Date of Claim’ basis. This means that you must have valid insurance cover on the day a claim is lodged with the brokers.
  6. The Hospitalisation benefit offers £30 per day for a maximum of £750 on any one claim. The Broken Bones benefit offers £100 for arm bones and £200 for leg bones, subject to a maximum of £500 for a single accident.
  7. The Broken Bones benefit offers £100 for arm bones and £200 for leg bones, subject to a maximum of £500 for a single accident.
  8. The Convalescence benefit offers £100 if the insured’s period of being an inpatient at a hospital exceeds seven days for persons up to the age of 65.
    All insurance under the ‘umbrella policy’ organised by the Body Control Pilates Association is brokered by Perkins Slade, registered under the FSA. Insurance under this scheme may not be purchased separately.